You already have a mobile BI solution–you just don’t know it

The market environment today is very different from several years ago. Technology is seen as an enabler to achieve real business value and IT purchase decision making has evolved into a shared decision model involving many departments and blending both business and technology considerations.

IT purchases must demonstrate business value, return on investment, and financial impact. To achieve and maintain a competitive advantage we need to empower all of our employees with technology that makes an impact on productivity, results, agility and decision making.

ROI doesn’t have to be complicated. ROI really just means how much, how soon, and how certain:
How much do you need to mobilize your workforce now with mobile business intelligence?
How soon can this transformation actually happen?
How certain would you feel in the hands of the original architect of SQL Server Reporting Services?

Mobilizer is a cost effective, easy to use, out of the box mobile BI solution with no per user charges and no need for additional development or training.

Check out our short video on our home page that explains the key benefits of Mobilizer and let us show you how you can leverage your existing investment in SSRS and deliver mobile BI for a fraction of the cost and time.

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