What is your mobile BI strategy?

The first step to choosing a mobile BI solution is to define the features required to meet your own and/or your company’s needs. According to Dresner Advisory Services the features most important to businesses investigating BI software are integration with operational processes, advanced visualization, end-user self-service, and dashboards.

Extending BI functionality to mobile devices equates to more devices and users for the IT team to manage and most organizations already don’t have the IT bandwidth or the resources they need. However, having the ability to access the reports you need without constantly depending on your IT department is extremely important because business users simply don’t have time to wait passively and require real time access to mobile BI.

The mobile BI solution you choose should support multiple device platforms and ideally have a responsive UI that automatically adjusts to all of your devices and supports and works across any browser. The focus should remain on the user experience and ease of use.

The ability to present self-service reports graphically and create interactive data visuals that can be powerful in presenting key findings to CEOs, board members and/or other executives. You should be able to quickly create dashboards and different dashboard style layouts by combining multiple reports.

Recently an Aberdeen Group study found that managers who utilize mobile BI solutions are able to make decisions three times faster than those without—-one of the many reasons mobile BI has become a central component of every company’s technology strategy.

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