Want to Extend Your Workspace Outside the Office and Turn Mobile Mayhem into Magic? Meet Mobilizer by Forerunner Software.

Recently, Ventana Research CEO and Chief Research Officer Mark Smith suggested that mobile BI technology can substantially improve an organization’s communication and collaboration, but noted that the keys to an effective BI deployment center on making the technology as accessible, usable and adaptable as possible. Their research on next-generation business intelligence found that usability is the most important evaluation criteria for BI technology, outpacing functionality by 49% and manageability by 47%.

Mobilizer is built from the ground up for you by the original architect of SQL Server Reporting Services to completely optimize your end user experience of SSRS for true mobile BI reporting. With a patent pending resonant UI which automatically recognizes the size of your device of choice—be it a laptap, tablet, phone or phamblet–Mobilizer offers unique usability and allows you to have a significantly better end user experience.

There is no doubt we need smarter business intelligence solutions designed not just for analysts, but for all business roles and those who need to access and use BI information. The increasing adoption of browser agnostic policies and bring your own device (BYOD) has empowered workers to have a say in the technology they use to perform their jobs and, in regard to Technology Adoption Trends, a 2014 IT Report states that, on average, IT Pros support 92 smartphones and 38 tablets across their organizations.

Mobilizer supports all Reporting Services functionality for viewing reports so you can design your reports any way you want and view them across all devices (as noted) and browsers—IE, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Now, suddenly you have the simplicity you need to achieve success with a mobile BI implementation and, if you desire to hand out candy to tiny ghosts and goblins with smart phone in hand, then so be it.

As the recent Ventana Research survey found, while costly comprehensive high end data visualization solutions can add value, they should not come at the expense of usability as employees are more likely to ignore technology they can’t figure out—an expensive mistake to make indeed. Simple BI strategies are the best way to get everyone on board—or off board, if you so desire. Where ever, whenever and whichever device or browser you choose to use—Forerunner Software’s Mobilizer turns mobile mayhem into magic. Download your free 30 day trial today to test on your own reports at www.forerunnersoftware.com.

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