The Natural Progression of Analytics or How to Practice What you Preach

In today’s era of “Big Data” most organizations already have or are in the midst of developing a mobile BI strategy and analytics departments are now expected to do amazing things to improve and increase business intelligence, agility and competitive advantage.

The difference is in the past and the present: basic or even deep dive reports with dashboards and scorecards display data that has already occurred. For long-term planning and decision making you need query drilldowns in which the data can be sorted and explored in great detail which allows for insight into the data. Why did past events occur as they did, for example?

Better yet, moving into Statistical Analysis gives insight and useful information about the future. At Forerunner Software, for instance, we use a regression model to optimize operations, assist with resource allocation and tweak our marketing strategies to match our level of anticipated sales. By doing so we move from simply observing data from past events to leveraging this data to give us insight and information about the future.

Forecasting for near future and predictive modeling are powerful tools that then come into play for market targeting and segmentation. How many of our free 30 day trial downloads of our unique Mobilizer for mobile BI via SSRS will occur this week? Of those, how many will be activated? Or, with which of our prospective customers will the no per user charges for Mobilizer be most likely to resonate? Then: Why? How important is cost effectiveness and ROI for most organizations? Lastly, we optimize in order to make better decisions going forward, which allows us to bring even better value to our customers.

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