The Modern Mobile BI Boom

The concept of modern, mobile BI has undoubtedly crystallized with the advent of smartphones, tablets and phablets. It’s no surprise users now demand access to the same level of sophistication to which they are accustomed via computer screens on their consumption devices of choice.

Shortly after the exciting PASS Summit, Forerunner Software continues in it’s vital mission to help organizations create mobile BI strategies and unleash SSRS to different departments and first time end users who need cost effective access to sales and operational data.

“Any technology vendor can claim to offer innovative products and groundbreaking technology, but only a select few such as Forerunner can truly impact end users productivity anywhere, anytime, on any device,” states Forerunner Founder Jason Carlson.

While most BI visual front ends still use technology not supported by mobile browsers (Silverlight, Flash, etc.) and smaller screens have to accommodate the same amount of information, Mobilizer 3.0 is capable of delivering visually compelling, interactive, easy-to-use dashboards and reports to business executives and workers wherever they are.

With a patent pending respondent UI, Mobilizer 3.0 automatically resizes and aligns to the left on mobile devices and end user subscriptions to emailed reports can now be had in two clicks. Mobilizer supports all Reporting Services functionality and therefore you can design your reports any way you want— taking full advantage of the power of SSRS, with no additional development, training or security protocols required.

What Forerunner Software’s Mobilizer 3.0 isn’t? It’s not an advanced analytics tool that costs millions of dollars or even thousands per user. Mobilizer is licensed the same as SQL Server, per core, so there are no per user charges and with every production license purchased test and development and included for free. Boom.

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