The Mobile BI Tug of War

The mobile business intelligence landscape is gripped with change and organizations now tussle with the need to respond and react. For companies that currently leverage the Microsoft BI stack and SQL Server Reporting Services, the tug of war in question is whether to continue to leverage existing investments and supplement SSRS or ultimately replace SSRS with a completely different and vastly expensive offering for mobile BI. Sure, some mobile BI solutions say they are complementary and not competitive to the Microsoft BI stack and SSRS, but many C level execs and IT decision makers with limited budgets are being forced to choose between one or the other.

For BI power users tasked with strategic planning and analysis  SSRS provides many tools and services to easily customize report processing in customized environments. Users can create maps and visualization of data for three dimensional views that helps to draw insights and conclusions. As one of our customer’s states, however, 98% of users just want a report. It’s like the Performance Management book that’s also known as the” Dig the Hole” book. People don’t want to talk ad nauseam about the trowels, shovels and bulldozers—they just want the hole dug. End users and executives not familiar with SQL are really only concerned with their ability to generate the type of reports they need when and wherever they need them, through easy, point and click on laptops or touch and swipe features on mobile devices.

Users now demand access to the same level of sophistication to which they are accustomed via their computer screens across all of their mobile devices and tablets which, by the way, the Gartner Group says are already the preferred consumption devices for mobile BI data. The challenges have been many: Most BI visual front ends still use technology not supported by mobile browsers (Silverlight, Flash, etc.) and smaller screens have to accommodate the same amount of information.

Forerunner Software has already established a firm mobile BI footing and taken a truly unique approach to the creation of Mobilizer for mobile BI across all devices and all browsers. Quite simply, Mobilizer works by unlocking SSRS for mobile no matter what device or browser you choose to use.

What makes Forerunner Software’s Mobilizer uniquely suited for helping you win the mobile BI tug of war?

• Mobilizer is an intuitive and easy to use out of the box solution – created by the original architect and developer of SSRS with the goal of thinking like the end user and optimizing the end user experience in every aspect, Mobilizer has a built in resonant UI which automagically resizes and aligns to the left on your mobile device without you lifting a finger and with end user subscriptions emailed reports can now be had in two clicks. The 8 years Forerunner Founder Jason Carlson ran the SSRS division within Microsoft gave him great insight into the requests and endless wish list end users have for SSRS. Now, in partnership with Microsoft, with Mobilizer he’s delivered on what SSRS can and should truly be.

• Mobilizer makes your work simple because all of your reports simply work – you can design your reports any way you want taking full advantage of the power of SSRS as Mobilizer supports all Reporting Services functionality. Since we focus on your end user experience, we have also added many additional features to make it easier, faster and more powerful to use Reporting Services in any browser and on any device.

• Mobilizer is not an advanced analytics tool that costs millions of dollars or thousands per user – Mobilizer works by simply unlocking SSRS across all devices and browsers. That’s it—there’s no additional development or additional training required. Better yet, because Mobilizer is licensed the same as SQL Server, per core, there are no per user charges. Imagine freeing the data to everyone in your organization to help your decision-makers and end-users gain greater insight into your business and make better decisions. Dig your heels into that powerful strength for competitive advantage.

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