The Demand for Dashboards – One Example of the Consumerization of Business Analytics

It’s not new news—no one really wants to standardize on a particular mobile platform and numerous corporations by the thousands are embracing BYOD, BYOT and browser agnostic policies.

By doing so they are leveraging employees iPhones, iPads, Android phones and other devices to improve productivity and transform how mobile executives and field users consume data and make better, informed business decisions.

Mobile BI is now a must-have channel and companies are enabling mobile dashboards for the workforce. Further fueling adoption of mobile BI as we move away from the “shrink to fit” method of simply downsizing for the smaller, mobile screen, Forerunner Software has introduced our patent pending resonant UI which has been requested by and extremely well received by our users.

Put simply, Mobilizer 3.0 now recognizes the size of the device you’re using and automatically resizes and adjusts for you. For example, on a smart phone with only a few inches of screen real estate it aligns to the left so you can now scroll up and down. The result is true mobile reporting and happier users.

For organizations that want and need to have a user-friendly reporting environment, dashboards are one of the newest features added in Forerunner Software’ unique Mobilizer 3.0, which unleashes SQL Server Reporting Services across all of your devices and browsers so that you can work from anywhere and still make on-the-spot decisions and review dashboards to compare unlimited reports.

Mobilizer’s dashboard feature allows you to select multiple reports to be displayed on a single page and are easy and fun to add, create and edit. The feature is also extensible and optionally localizable for language specific versions in addition to English, if needed.

New dashboard templates can be added and styled based upon CSS styles. Newly created dashboards will show up in the UI and become integral parts of the Mobilizer application. With no per user charges, Mobilizer cost effectively and significantly expands the population of mobile BI users to include a more mainstream audience: you.

We invite you to get in touch with us to learn how we can help you modernize your mobile BI initiative with Mobilizer. Better yet, visit and download your free 30 day trial today.

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