The BYOD, BYOT concept and HTML5—and why you should not be punished for using such language

It’s been said that there are now more people today who own cell phones than toothbrushes. While we truly hope this statement is untrue, if it is then perhaps those without toothbrushes are at least getting their mouths washed out with soap.

It’s no denying that times have changed greatly and swiftly from back in the day. However, in the past, while we could sort of control our own destiny in many ways, now we are dealing with the BYOD, BYOT concept.

While not the panacea that some say it is, HTML5 is still a big step forward to development teams that need to support a wide array of mobile device types and users choice of browsers. With HTML5 nearly every piece of internet content will be able to be coded in HTML, JavaScript and CSS, becoming much more easily portable to all environments and browsers supporting HTML5.

Now browsers are able to integrate additional content like multimedia, mail, and rich internet applications with enhanced rendering capabilities, and no one knows better than the original architect and developer of SSRS, Jason Carlson, that HTML5, MVC and mobile are now ‘must have’ requirements.

Supporting increasingly sophisticated graphical capabilities; HTML5 runs in Web browsers and is mostly agnostic as to the nature of the device running the browser, which is precisely why Jason has created Mobilizer in HTML5.

Past browsers have been dependent on other technologies like Flash, Silverlight or Java. This has not always been beneficial to consumers, as Flash is not supported on iPhones or iPads. And, while SSRS is a very powerful reporting engine, the Report Viewer control is still an HTML4 WebForms control and doesn’t support MVC applications.

SSRS simply does not support modern devices such as iPhones and Androids and does not work across all browsers such as IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari consistently.

Essential for organizations that aim to provide business critical information to employees anywhere, anytime, and on any device is a modern day approach to modern applications that support all devices and work fluidly.

Who better than the original architect and developer of SSRS to focus on the end user experience and unlock the power of SSRS across all devices and browsers?

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