Seeking an Ideal BI Solution with the Speed of Buy and the Capability of Build?

Building your own BI solution today can seem like a good idea considering the high cost of some BI solutions and the number of open source components available. The reality is that development projects rarely stay on budget and with the limited resources and time it is much more cost effective to focus on core business value instead of generic technology.

The benefits of the mobile BI market are many: real time decision making, visible business performance via dashboards, ability to drill down into details, agility which comes with having relevant information readily available, and the collaboration mobile employee’s experience. Buying a cost effective, out of the box mobile BI solution which leverages existing investments becomes very compelling because of lowered TCO, mitigated risk, and rapid implementation.

With Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) spending predicted to grow to $1.7B in 2015, one thing to keep in mind is the opportunity cost, as well as the true cost of building any technology. It’s doubtful this is a core part of your business IP and that there are many other industry specific investments which would help grow your business on your list. These are the ones your want to build. General purpose technology and infrastructure is generally a great area to buy. Of course, then there is the true cost of building this technology and supporting it with your own staff. If you have not seen this, check out our article on Code Project here.

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