Lions and Trends and Mobile BI

First, I’d like start off with a couple of Forerunner Software news items and then some trends we are seeing among our users that might interest you. We’ve just released our latest version of Mobilizer 3.0 with many new features and RDL extensions that enable you to automatically define fixed size tables and matrixes and add client side JavaScript that enhances manipulation on text boxes and images.

SQL Magazine has again highlighted our unique Mobilizer, Forerunner Founder Jason Carlson’s work in creating Mobilizer for mobile BI and our continued partnership with Microsoft to completely optimize the end user experience of SQL Server Reporting Services so that you can roam freely. The complete article can be found here:

One of the trends we’re seeing with our operational BI users is the empowerment of self service information needs. User adoption and ease-of-use of Mobilizer allow users to reap all of the benefits real time mobile BI brings. After shaking off any initial disbelief, everyone quickly celebrates the fact that Forerunner has solved the printing problem in the realization they can now print with Mobilizer from any device or browser (yes, even on a Mac) with no need for an ActiveX control. Mundane tasks no longer require IT involvement and, with this one act, Mobilizer takes the thorn out of the proverbial lion’s paw.

In addition to traditional reporting software generally aimed at the IT staff to create pre-designed business reports, users can now create your own subscriptions delivered at your convenience, create personalized default parameters specific to your needs and unlimited dashboard style layouts to your liking. You can also include information from other applications in your report via an iFrame and post data to another application using HTML forms in your report.

Some customers are only targeting a specific user base by sharing the URL among a limited set of users. However, since Mobilizer has no per user charges and is truly meant to unleash the power of mobile BI across all devices and browsers to everyone, companies are rethinking this approach. Up to you—download your free trial at and try Mobilizer on your Mac using Chrome as your browser, or on your smart phone with IE, or your phablet with Safari. We’d love to hear your feedback once you do so call us at 855 367 3511.

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