How to Deliver Mobile BI for All at a Fraction of the Cost and Time

Lately it seems one of the IT Department’s new responsibilities is to collect as much data as possible and imaginable — from written and electronic data to images, voice and video. Business intelligence tools and technologies are then used to gather, provide access to, and analyze data and information about company operations, with the goal of allowing people to use the information to make faster and more informed business decisions.

BI and mobile BI tools and solutions are already key business process drivers within today’s enterprises. A surprising truth is the fact that you and your company already have a mobile BI solution—you simply don’t realize it. Think about it—you have a server-based reporting platform that provides comprehensive reporting functionality for a variety of data sources and unlocks information trapped in silos and scattered throughout your enterprise. It’s known as SQL Server Reporting Services.

SSRS unlocks the power of SQL Server and our unique Mobilizer unlocks the power of SSRS across all devices and browsers for true mobile reporting. This gives you the anywhere, anytime, any device or browser access, flexibility and ease of use of an engaging, end user optimized solution with which you are already familiar. No additional development or training is needed.

Since mobile BI has emerged as a strategic initiative and investment priority for companies the mindset has shifted toward the knowledge that BI tools must not be limited within an organization to specific groups, departments or Power BI Users. In order to maximize the adoption of BI solutions within an organization all employees should have access to the information they need to make the most informed business decisions possible. To learn more about our unique Mobilizer (which has no per user charges) check out our short video and visit

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