Forerunner Software had a Fantastic Week at PASS 2014

Fresh off record-breaking attendance and its biggest program ever with 5,900 registrations from 56 countries, PASS Summit 2014 last week brought the world’s largest SQL Server and business intelligence conference back to Seattle for learning and connecting and is slated to return again to Seattle next year in October of 2015.

Our Forerunner Software team members and Director of Development, Jon Totton, personally provided live, interactive demonstrations of our unique Mobilizer which transforms SSRS for true mobile reporting across all devices and browsers. Most interesting to our audience at PASS proved, in part, to be not only that Mobilizer supports all reporting functionality of SSRS for viewing reports, but also Mobilizer’s hierarchical tree view for cascading parameters—probably the most requested improvement to SSRS parameters since 2005. Mobilizer’s named parameters sets (which can be saved per report or per user) also resonated loudly with PASS attendees, as did our auto complete filtering on long list parameters. Not to mention that since Mobilizer does not require an ActiveX Control it solves the common printing problem faced by many.

Based not very far away from Seattle in Redmond, WA, back at Forerunner Software HQ we witnessed the Twitter feed exploding via the #summit14 and #sqlpass hashtags and connected via online interaction, thanks to the bloggers and tweeters broadcasting live updates from the daily sessions and PASStv, which made it’s debut at PASS Summit in just 2012 and now what would we do without it?

All in all a fantastic week at PASS last week and, as our Forerunner Director of Development Jon Totton states, “Already I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us at PASS Summit next fall.”

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