Extending Reporting Services with additional elements and client side script

In the age of HTML5 one of the most interesting extensions to SSRS is the ability to run client side script. Add to that several new elements that allow you to include IDs and custom CSS classes to any SSRS element , turn any textbox into any HTML Input type and turn any SSRS rectangle into an HTML Form, Iframe, scrollable region or custom HTML. At Forerunner Software we are giving you all of the features you have been wanting in SSRS. Client side script and RDL extensions open up an almost unlimited set of new scenarios significantly increasing the interactivity and ability to integrate reports into other applications. Below are just a couple of example that users have done.

  • Using client side script and input elements you can quickly turn reports into data input forms with no server side code and very little script.
  • Inline parameters in the report body with any layout using input elements and script
  • Scrollable data regions, allowing more flexible layout options
  • What-if calculations
  • Highlighting elements or rows on mouse over
  • Using CSS to style your report
  • Embed dynamic HTML5 into your report anywhere
  • Include a mini application or view with an Iframe
  • Add buttons, radio button, check boxes, dates controls, multi-line textareas and much more anywhere in your report
  • Much much moreā€¦

Combining the powerful data processing and layout capabilities of SSRS with new layout elements and client side script makes choosing to use SSRS in your applications and BI solutions easy.

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