Different Mobile BI Tools and Different Mobile BI Rules

A long time ago I heard a saying “There are only two things you need to do. Live and die.” This saying resonated with me mostly because of its truth and partly because of its simplicity.  In the mobile BI world I wish there were a similar saying such as, “There are only two things you need to do—-save money and empower your decision makers.”

I admit, finding the best available tools in the mobile Business Intelligence market is not exactly easy or simple. In my last blog regarding The Mobile BI Tug of War I pointed out some of the main challenges: most BI visual front ends still use technology not supported by mobile browsers and smaller screens need to accommodate the same amount of information.

Additionally, many organizations now want to have only one platform for mobile BI when they actually should have two—one for their Power BI users (probably less than 10% of their users) and one for the rest of the mobile workforce who simply need to generate the type of reports they need when and wherever they need them on whatever device or browser they choose to use.

What I didn’t point out in my last blog is that Forerunner Software’s Mobilizer is the only mobile BI solution providing server solutions for SSRS. Truly we have no competition other than prospective customers who are considering migrating away from the Microsoft BI stack to data analytics and visualization offerings from Microsoft competitors. There are also device only solutions, but they are just image rendering on a device.

MOBILIZER                                                    versus                        “COMPETITORS”
Leverage existing investment in SSRS     versus         $$$ High end analytics $$$
No per user charges                                   versus         $1000 plus per seat
No additional training                                versus          Training costs for new solution
No additional development                      versus          Having to rewrite reports
Use the same security as SSRS                 versus          New security protocols/concerns

Right this very minute mobile BI is playing an important transformational role within many organizations. Extremely evident today is that organizations must deliver the power of mobile BI as easily and simply as possible.

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