Anyone Can Make a Real Time Decision Faster than a Frog Can Snap a Fly

Sure, but based on what? SWAG? (And no, not the kind of Stuff We All Get at trade shows—–the other kind of scientific SWAG.)

As research firm Forrester continues to write about agile business intelligence (BI), wherein organizations of all sizes are revamping their data management environments for agility, flexibility, and responsiveness to address ever-changing customer expectations, it’s become clear that faster is not the same as more agile.

However, speed does matter. According to Forrester, individuals within organizations just starting their journey to evaluate and adapt BI technologies like in-memory, cloud, mobile, and big data are already behind the times because their peers and competitors are currently reaping multiple business benefits by running the latest and greatest technologies available.

One of our customers initially chose our unique Mobilizer to unlock SSRS for a specific business unit which really needed true mobile reporting, for instance, and informed us what’s most appealing about Mobilizer is the ability to not have an app in order to make this happen for their BYOD and browser agnostic policies. In this particular case, they focused on improving the ability of their organization to change direction proactively and respond to changes in their environment.

Forrester believes that 2015 will serve as an inflection point where companies that successfully harness technology advantageously will create clear competitive separation from those that do not.

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