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Microsoft’s SQL Server Reporting Services (SRSS) has a full set of tools and services that help you manage reports. Noticeably lacking, however, is the ease of use and the ability to generate reports on the fly via any device or browser. The Report Viewer control does not support MVC applications and is still an HTML4 WebForms control. Today HTML5, MVC and mobile are must haves.

SSRS, while very powerful, simply does not support modern devices such as iPhones and Androids or browsers such as Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Users want to be able to generate their reports through an easy point and click or touch and swipe features and are demanding modern applications that support all devices and work fluidly without reloading the entire page.

Mobilizer is fully tested on all browsers and devices and powered by a set of HTML5 jQuery widgets and server code that easily embeds SSRS reports into your modern application. Mobilizer also includes a complete standalone end user application that needs no additional development.

Forerunner Software Founder Jason Carlson utilizes his experience in leading teams at Amazon and Microsoft to provide innovative offerings. His development philosophy is driven by the needs of business users and Forerunner Software proudly provides the most robust, multiplatform data integration and presentation capabilities as possible for corporations and ISVs.
Simple to setup, Mobilizer is easy to manage and allows you to take immediate control of your company’s mobile world. Download your free trial today or contact us at Sales@Forerunnersw.com.

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