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Forerunner Software releases SSRS Report Viewer Pro
Forerunner is still making it easier for developers to use SSRS
Dallas, TX, July 2, 2019 Forerunner Software continues to make it easier for developers to embed reporting into their applications. With the release of SSRS Report Viewer Pro developers can now use the full power of RDL in their applications without the restrictions of RDLC. Use the Microsoft Report Designer or Report Builder to build reports and easily integrate them into your application.

SSRS Report Viewer Pro includes:

• Full support for parameters
o Including layout
o Cascading parameters
o Query based valid values and default values
• Sup-reports and drill down with no code
• Retrieve data with no code
o SQL Server
• Multivalued parameters with ODBC and OLEDB in addition to SQL Server
• Reusable definitions
o Shared Data sources
o Shared Data Sets
• Store your RDLs anywhere
o DB, File System, in memory
• Designed for MVC apps

SSRS Report Viewer Pro is FREE to for developers, simply register by email Sales@Forerunnersw.com SSRS Report Viewer Pro is licensed per application with no per server or per developer fees. Purchasing the subscription removes the data row limits and provides access to premium support.

Check out SSRS Report Viewer Pro today!