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Author Topic: November Service Release of Mobilizer V1  (Read 10612 times)

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November Service Release of Mobilizer V1
« on: November 04, 2013, 01:22:38 pm »
We have released the November Service release of Mobilizer.  It can be downloaded from https://forerunnersw.com/home/support

For following issues were fixed in this release:
  • Summary   
  • If user cancels out of a Parameter report before selecting parameters there is not a way to go back to the report list without going to the home screen first   
  • Not being able to find a bookmark causes buttons to stop functioning on report   
  • Highlighting of Date on calendar control in not very clear   
  • Rich text report displaying with too much space between lines on IE9   
  • Table is too wide on Employee Sales Summary 2008R2 EndLesson2   
  • Click return after typing in the search box closes the tool pane and engages the search   
  • Text boxes for margins do not line up Vertically if the localized words are shorter or longer than the word above or below them in the print dialog   
  • Today button is active on calendar in parameters but looks like it is inactive   
  • Missing Translations in loc files   
  • User is not able to sort a table from the middle of report   
  • Report screen goes all white behind Print dialog on IE 8   
  • Password shows as already entered on in IE 8 even though I have not entered in a password on the login screen   
  • Charts do not change when columns do on Sort in Safari   
  • Parameter report showing page numbers even if the user has not selected a parameter   
  • Explorer clears before the report is shown   
  • Tool Pane goes into a strange stare when searching in Application mode on iPhone and iPad   
  • User Settings dialog does not show cancel on phones in Portrait mode when localized   
  • Responsive UI not automatically updating on orientation   
  • Print Dialog not displaying localization correctly in Spanish   
  • The link to Netfx 4.5 in Setup is not to the full Netfx 4.5 Full profile   
  • .NET 4.5 Warning message not accurate   
  • Responsive UI not working on browser refresh   
  • Text overlaps itself on the User Setting Dialog box in German   
  • Dialog box should say Parameter instead of Prompt on the Saved Parameter box   
  • Timestamp on signed builds shows as Not Available   
  • The word "of" between page numbers not localized to Chinese - Simplified on Toolbar   
  • Fix buid break   
  • Find and find next does not work properly if we cancel a parameter change after an async postback   
  • Need to remember the sort and toggle states in the viewer to restore the context on cancelling   
  • The word bottom is too close to the number box on the Print Report dialog   
  • Text hidden behind text boxes on print dialog when localized   
  • Close button in Save dialog for saved parameters is too light on apple devices   
  • Document Map wrong color scheme on iPhone/iPad   
  • PageNav.js does not work properly in Durandal sample   
  • cancel parameters leaves report is bad state   
  • When user selects print they loose their scroll position   
  • Modal dialog's mask layer didn't take the whole report area   
  • Click the search magnifying glass does not start a search on Windows 8 phone   
  • ReportViewer.js not saving the session id on the ParameterJSON call for future use   
  • Left and right panes become 6px shorter when expanded   
  • Page nav was on when the panes are out   
  • ClientLicense Exception for free trial if user already had Beta from before   
  • When user select the search dialog in landscape mode on iPad the toolbar shifts down when keyboard opens   
  • Thumbnails not alligned on PC browsers   
  • User is taken to the top of the report list and not to the report they were just viewing on mobile   
  • User is not taken to the top of the report list if they select Northwind Test Suite or Northwind Test Reports   
  • Forms Auth times out in 30 minutes, but REST API calls does not redirect   
  • Horizontal scroll position are not user friendly after the slideout panes come out on iPad